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Montag Infrastructure Pvt Ltd. is a leading international infrastructure company. With offices in Mumbai and London, we cater to domestic as well as an international clientele which contributes 70% of the company’s turnover.


The prime focus of the company however remains on creating iconic and sustainable communities for all to grow, live, learn and play. 

Our goal is to transform the skyline of the distant metro suburbs by crafting world class residential complexes and providing lifestyle amenities.

Our iconic residential complexes in Hyderabad and Dwarka stand testament to our prowess and commitment to building a better future.

  • 5,20,000.00 Sq.Ft. across 2 Residential complexes.

  • 70% Revenue from HNI.

Our Area Of Expertise
Building and Construction
Property Management

Second Home Solutions / Property Investment for HNI.


Valuation and Asset Management

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