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A Bachelor of Engineering with distinction from Bangalore University, Ali Ahmed pursued a post graduate Management degree from the University of Sheffield. Armed with the technical skill and his marketing prowess, Ali Ahmed singlehandedly spearheaded two ventures; Montag Infrastructure, which of which he is Co-Founder and CEO of and a successful, niche timepiece brand. He has also been honoured with the Pravasi Rattan Award in 2018 in the House Of Commons, UK for his philanthropic pursuits executed under the Montag banner.

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Abdul Batliwala

A veteran in the line of business and finance strategies, Abdul Batliwala has 15 years of experience which he brings to the brand. He is a post graduate in Business Administration and Taxation, and help Montag make financially and ethically responsible strategies.

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Pradeep Pal

An invaluable contributor to the company, Pradeep Pal overlooks all legalities in dealings and helps the company navigate the often complicated sea of legalese. With a decade of experience and legal knowledge, it is no surprise, he is the company’s prime liaison for any venture.

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Miraj vardharajan udayar

A Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Miraj Udayar  joined the company in 2016 as an assistant Project Manager. Today, with the experience and technical know how of over a 1,000,000 sq. ft. of structural work executed by him, he and he is an expert in the foundation and structural work.

With the experience of completing a million sq ft of structural work, Miraj has been a great asset to Montag